Postive IUI with low morphology?


Ok…I am starting to get a bit discouraged. My DH has low morphology 3.4. My RE told me that IVF would probably be the only way we conceive. We decided that we would go ahead and try a couple of IUI’s just to see what might happen. We’ve only had one IUI and unless we conceive naturally this month, we will be going for #2 in April. I am just wondering if anyone has had any luck going this route or if we are just wasting time and money.


I don’t have any experience to share with you other than when you have severe MFI, IUI is often not recommended. My DH had a frozen sample for us to use with a much better count, motility and no morphology issues and after 3 tries RE recommends no more and to move on to IVF. I would suggest to really do some research before you make any decisions and weigh your options. I am kinda regretting spending $4500 on IUI’s when we could have spent that money on IVF now.


Dh used to have 2% morph and we were told IVF unless we got DH’s morph up to 4%. Then we could try IUI. So i got him on a good multi vitamin and he was put on Clomid for his low T and made sure he released his sperm atleast every 2-3 days (since a hold can make morph worse) and we got it up to 5% in 3 months. So we were able to go ahead with IUI and got our BFP with triplets. We ended up losing them though. But Morph is questionable. I have seen girls get BFP with 1% morph and it was with twins using IUI. The thing about IUI is the sperm washing is it washes out the bad sperm so for IUI you will be dealing will perfect sperm.