pPROM/Group B Strep


It is just over two weeks since I lost my twins at 20 weeks 1 day. I went back to the OB for a follow up and was told that I had Group B Strep and that bacteria is what caused all my issues. In all of the books that I read and the forums that I have read, I had never heard of Group B Strep. Apparently, every woman has it in her body and it comes and goes (or colonizes). Just wondering if anyone has anymore knowledge on the subject or been through a similar situation. Now that I know I have it in my body…I’m not so sure I want to test it with one of my two frozen embryos!


So sorry this happened to you. I think we cycled together back when you got your BFP, because your name sounds familiar. Hugs.

With my first pregnancy, I tested positive for Group B strep right away. I think it’s quite common. They did put me on antibiotics, and then tested again when I was around 9 weeks along. It came up positive AGAIN, so I had to have a catheter inserted to see if it was truly in my system or just superficial. That time it was negative. They test AGAIN right before delivery, and once again it was positive…so I had to be on an IV during delivery so it wouldn’t pass to the baby.

I’m not an expert on it, but I know a looooot of women who have had Group B strep and have had healthy and successful pregnancies. Maybe it’s different for twin moms because of the extra stress, but I’m a living example of someone who had it and was okay. It’s worth asking a bunch of questions about…what did the doctor say when he blamed this on the strep B??

Hope you get some answers soon, and if you do, please share. Would love to learn more about this, and again, so sorry for your loss :frowning:


The doctor said all women have it and if I want to try again they would monitor me more closely…I told her I was living in her clinic for 9 months! I do not recall being checked for Strep B throughout my 20 weeks and from what I read they test around 35 weeks so if positive they put you on antibiotics so it doesn’t pass to the baby, but I was only 20 weeks so there was no testing done. I know that none of this changes anything but if I had ever heard of it…I would have been asking about it. The dr did not seem to think that a singleton pregnancy would be a problem, but with this…how do you know??? No one saw a problem with the twin pregnancy…until my water broke!


Regular pregnancies (i.e. non-assisted, non-recurring miscarriage) are tested sometime late in pregnancy just to make sure they don’t pass it on to their baby. Sometime after 35 weeks, I want to say.

If you do get pregnant again, or even go through fertility treatments again, make sure you tell your doc so they can treat you right away!

Good luck to you. xoxo