PRE-IVF Blood Work


Hey I just went for my pre-IVF blood work to make sure I didn’t have any infectious diseases, which I know I don’t. Then when they called me back they said I tested positive for EXPOSURE to Hepatitis C. There is no way in hell I was exposed. Now I have to go for another test to see if I have the antibodies. I am so upset I feel sick to my stomach and I have to wait another week to find out the results. I have never been exposed I know it. I have no risk factors for it. No transfusions, unprotected sex or use of hypodermic needles. I do not work in the healthcare field either. THere is no way I was even exposed unless it was by having a medical procedure and that would be just crazy. Has anyone else gotten a false positive? I am going crazy from the what ifs right now. If by some strange unbelievable reason I do have it can I still do IVF without being a terrible person for maybe exposing a child or do they even allow you to do so? This is ridiculous. Sometimes I wish I’d never started all of this. The stress is consuming me. Why does everything have to be so hard?


No tattoos. I am petrified of getting one for that exact reason and I am a complete germophobe I do not use anyone else’s anything not ever! I seriously have no idea. My mom doesn’t have it so it couldn’t have been at birth. I have been with two men, one when I was 18 and my current husband. The first time I had unprotected intercourse was with my husband after we’d been married 3 years and began trying for a baby. I donated blood in 2005 and nothing showed up on it. I also applied for life insurance in 2004 and had to go through all of these tests and nothing showed up. This is so frustrating. I haven’t even ever had surgery where I’ve been cut open. I am the goody goody of life. I don’t even drink alcohol. Why do these things keep happeneing to me? I hope they got it wrong and my next tests shows up negative. :grr: :grr: :grr: :grr:


I just wanted to tell you that I am praying that your tests come back negative. I did read that it is rare to transmit hep c during pregnancy. I don’t know much about it so I copied this link for you.

CDC DVH - Hepatitis C FAQs for the Public


First off, let me tell you how sorry I am that you are going through this terrifying experience. Second off, there is a chance that you got a false positive. This isn’t impossible given your lack of risk factors. And if it is a true positive, there’s a 20-25% chance that you’ve cleared the infection on your own. While you wait for the results of your confirmatory tests, be kind to yourself and be careful where you look for information. The Mayo Clinic and HCV Advocate: Hepatitis C – Living with Hepatitis C are places for reputable information.
If in fact you do have hcv (hopefully not), you can still do ivf, but if your clinic doesn’t have the proper storage techniques to prevent cross contamination they may have to refer you to a different clinic. During your pregnancy/ childbirth they will take measures to reduce the chance that the virus is spread to your baby.
Also, for the benefit of anybody reading this, hepatitis c is not spead sexually. It’s only spread by blood on blood contact, so things have to get pretty rowdy for sex to be a method of transmission.
Good luck you you!!!



Thank you so much for your response. I did look at the Mayo Clinic Website. I know I am probably freaking out for no reason. It’s just that this has been a rough year for us with all of our infertility issues and now this. I just can’t take any more of these scares. I am trying to relax and wait patiently until my second test results are in. Thank you for the support. I am falling apart right now and it helps to know that there are people out there who care.


Humducky- be sure to give an update, and you’re welcome to pm me if you wish. I’m not usually one to blow smoke up anyone’s behind- bad things do happen all the time, but check out this blog Our Journey through IVF!: Hepatitis C and IVF. The blogger had a false positive for hep c during her ivf bloodwork. Maybe it can bolster your spirits until you get your results.


Do you have any piercings? Were your ears pierced with an ear gun at a mall specifically? Those ear guns have been, rarely, known to pass on hep.

Hopefully it was just a false positive and everything goes smoothly from here on out!

I’m sorry you’re going through all this stress!


All piercings were done Pre-2003 and I had a Hep C screening in 2005 when I donated blood and everything came back fine. I know people don’t believe it when I say I have 0 risk factor, but seriously unless I got it from a blood test or a dental procedure there is no way. That is what makes me so mad. They make me have all these tests and get me all worked up when I’m all ready stressed. Ugh!!! Thanks for listening to my rant. I am just so frustrated. I had my second blood test for RNA today so hopefully I will know by the end of the week and I can relax a little. As if IVF wasn’t stressful enough


Hey thanks for the website. It helped a lot to know that I am not the only one who is being jerked around by stupid blood tests. I have an apt with my therapist tomorrow and I hope that talking with her will calm me enough so I can wait until the end of the week for my results. It is driving me insane!!! I live in a big city so it isn’t a problem to find another clinic if I have it, but the main thing that bugs me other than the fact that I might have a contagious disease is that I will be curious and upset for the rest of my life not knowing how it happened. Was it a pedicure or a dental procedure or did someone come into my house and bleed on me while I was sleeping) you get my drift, it’s just so impossible I can’t understand it. Thanks again for listening and I will definitely let you know when I find out the results.


Haha, how often do people sneak in your house and bleed on you in your sleep? Maybe you should consider locking your doors at night :wink:
Seriously now, I’ll be thinking about you this week. And even if you get the worst possible news, hep c is curable in the majority of cases. Even trickier cases are expected to be curable with drugs that are soon to be released. This is a bump in the road.


Well as I suspected. It was a false positive. My RNA test came out negative and so I am relieved. Thanks again for the support. I was lucky that the nurse/IVF coordinator at my doctor’s office is so compassionate. She called them every day to make sure I got my results as fast as possible. We are now officially on track for an ER date of July 15th-19th :clap:


Great News! I was waiting to get this post.


Oh, what a huge relief! I’m so happy to see this. I hope your cycle ends with such good news, too!