Prednisone after FET....anyone else?


hi, i am a gestational surrogate and mother to my own 5yr. old son.
i had a baby for a couple a year ago with no issues and got pregnant on our second fresh IVF transfer.

i am currently trying to get pregnant again for another couple and it has not worked out so far…
transfer #1: 2 sad looking morulas:bfn:
transfer #2: 2blasts1morula :bfp: with twins then:wings:
transfer #3: 2 perfect blasts, 7dp5dt:bfp: on HPT then:bfn: on beta…:grr:

they have 4 frozen embryos left and then that it is. we have a transfer on fri and they plan on thawing 2 in the am and if they need to thaw the other two they will.
AFM: i take my meds like a pro! my body responds in every way textbook it should…thick lining, great hormone levels.
the RE has decided to put me on prednisone to see if it will help and i’m on xtra folic acid.
Has anyone else had luck this way???
they have been thru soooooo much and deserve a baby!!!


Prednisone is commonly used to treat immune responses. I have been Rx’d 20mg prednisone taken in 2 daily doses of 10mg. Do you know what your dose will be? I plan to add 1 daily Claritin and Pepcid, which is CCRM’s histamine protocol (prednisone, Claritin, Pepcid). Steroids do the trick for many women. I assume you also take baby aspirin daily?


Yes, both my successful fresh ivf and this successful FET, I used prednisone, 2 pills for 4 days starting day before transfer. I don’t know if that was the key to success, however it did not hurt things.

Good luck!


no asprin for me…my only allergy…but they have me on the normal estrace, PIO, and medrol right before then when the medrol is done they want me on the pred.