Pregnancy after D&C


I have been diagnosed with hyperplazia endomterii simplex in june 2013. I went through curettage later in june and after that i had two periods -last one was 47 days. My periods are irregular for the last two years and also we’ve been trying to conceive since nov. 2012. Im 37 and I dont know if I have any real chances to get pregnant. My doctor says it will happen but Im worried. Any advices on this? Thanks


I had a lap/hsg/hysteroscopy/as well as D&C during surgery (hurt worst than my first lap in Feb. 2013. for gallbladder). I’m not normal at all, I’m 27 ttc 5 years and apparently have had endometriosis since around 16. I was diagnosed with stage 3. Less than 8 months later I am still not pregnant even though we spent a considerable amount on the surgeries this year. We are told without IVF our chance is 1% and have been told that several times. The doctor who did my surgery said I would get pregnant easily after surgery and retired in May (apparently I’m unlucky.) I guess the swimmers never found the egg :frowning: so for now TI until we can do IVF. will let you know if we get pregnant, but I have been considering another D&C.