Pregnancy and Hypoglycemia?


I just had my first beta on 12/20 which is (+).
At this time the doctor told me to stop my Metformin 500mg BID. At the beginning of my treatment he stated that I probably miscarried due to the fact that my sugar is out of whack.

I’m SO worried about stopping my Metformin and eating crazy things (which I’m really trying not to) and that my sugar is going to go nutty and that it’s going to effect my, still fragile, pregnancy.

Has anyone had issues with this as well??


Why are you on metformin? Do you have diabetes. If not then I don’t see why you would need the metformin during pregnancy. If you have surgar issues (diabetes) you should be on insulin or a proper diet. I was on metformin for polycystic ovaries and kept taking it untill 6 weeks into my pregnancy. My RE had me stop taking it. I have high surgars as well, but my doc said that gestational diabetes is not an issue until 3rd trimester so I am eating what I can and when I can. I am sure you will be fine. My RE said it is always better not to take medication if it is not 100% needed. According to her the old research said metformin my prevent miscarriage, but that is not the case at this point, recent research does not sure any affect on the pregnancy.


I have PCOS and am hypoglycemic. I wasn’t on metformin at all during my journey, so I can’t answer that question. I can respond to hypoglycemia during pregnancy. I was concerned about it as well, but just made sure I ate well and often. Since you use up more calories during pregnancy you need to eat quite often, and I stuck to high protein foods that would stay with me longer. During baby’s growth spurts I would find my blood sugars would drop, and I would have to figure out how much more I needed to eat per day again, but we made it out ok. I also ended up with gestational diabetes - though I am not diabetic normally - and found I was at risk, due to my hypoglycemia. Thankfully that too was diet controlled. Good luck!