Pregnancy announcement after fertility & iui-read for inspiration I suppose


Hello! I didn’t want to just post this in the pregnancy announcements section because I know I didn’t go there often when going through treatments because it was hard, but wanted to share my story. We have been ttc for 4 years, since we got married. I am 26 now & husband turning 28 this fall. We have had one successful iui, one natural after miscarriage of that iui (then miscarried again), then took about 7 months off treatments to find a new RE. If you live in Utah-please run, don’t walk, to the University of Utah fertility center. They are amazing. I ran, didn’t all, away from Reproductive Care Center, their head dr is a jerk! Told us nothing was wrong & just keep trying on our own,& didn’t believe me when I told him I never ovulate on my own without hcg & cloned or follicle stim drugs. Because I had somewhat regular cycles, he didn’t believe me. Anyway, new dr, new year. We had an iui fail after having to do clomid & gonal f shots because my follies were not growing fast enough. Then an hcg injection. No baby :(. Then the following month, we did higher clomid at 150 & when eggs stunted around 16mm, they wanted me to do more gonal f again. It was our anniversary weekend & we had plans, & I didn’t want to spend them getting more ultrasounds, I was so frustrated I stormed out in tears & told them I was done. Well, they were wrong because two weeks later I got a :bfp: !!! I couldn’t believe it, my period was going to start. I was in so much of my normal monthly endo pain & just waiting waiting for it to start. It felt like it would any second! But decided to take a test because I was 3 days late, & it was positive! We are now 17 weeks, and the baby moves around a ton! It’s so amazing to see my husband so happy & excited. I can’t wait to meet our baby. Please please DON’T GIVE UP!!!


Thank you!

Thank you bbcw for sharing your story. We are all on here praying to be able to tell our own story and I don’t know about anyone else but these stories do give me hope.

Enjoy your pregnancy and your husbands joy!


My wife and I read your story and it is so great that you were able to get pregnant after all you’ve been through. I think like most people, we more commonly hear sad stories about infertility so anything like this is definitely welcome.