Pregnancy Success with POF!


I just wanted to share that despite being diagnosed with POF and Diminished Ovarian Reserve only FOUR months ago, I got the official BFP!!! 6 preg tests and blood test from the Dr. I can’t believe it!

I want to share my blog with those of you who haven’t read it, as it goes through all the alternative supplements and treatments I did that completely turned my diagnosis around. In January my FSH was 133, was told I was POST menopausal and was given the Donor Egg speech by four different REs. By April my FSH was 12.4 and a month later I ovulated for the first time since getting off birth control last summer and am now officially pregnant!! And that is with an AMH of <0.16!!!

So I’m posting today to instill hope in anyone struggling with POF or any other type of infertility. Western Medicine doesn’t know everything! It CAN happen, so stay positive, try everything, and never EVER give up!

One In Ten Million: My Fight to Get Pregnant Despite Premature Ovarian Failure


Congratulations!!! So, so happy for you, and thank you for sharing!


Thank you!!!


Great news! :preg::cheer::woohoo:


What an incredible story!!! Congrats…