Pregnancy test to make sure i wasnt pregnant


Ok so I just went in for my baseline ultra (day 4). The nurse called me later in the day to tell me that my lining was thicker than the Dr wanted. She had me take a pregnancy test to make sure i wasnt pregnant. well :bfn:…I called her back to let her know it is negative. She said that the Dr was out for the day and would call me in the morning.
Has anyone ever delt with this?! I searched it on the internet and all that pops up is uterine cancer! That has me scared.
My period seemed normal, so I assumed all was fine. I did have some weird cramping in my left OV. the days I bled. I wondered if it could be caused by being on prometrium at the end of my last cycle.


I’ve had a thicker lining at a baseline before. But my RE didn’t say anything about it. If i remember correctly it was 6mm at CD3.