Pregnancy vertigo?


Hi Everyone,

I am 14+ weeks along with baby #2. My son will be 3 in August.

I woke up this morning with what I can only assume is vertigo. I felt fine until I stood up and tried to make the bed. Everything felt shaky and off balance, and I kept careening to the right. Also, I couldn’t walk for more than a few feet without feeling like I was going to vomit. I’ve had lots of all-day nausea with this pregnancy, but that has subsided in the last two weeks, so this was concerning.

I had my husband stick around until I reached my day care provider, and THANKFULLY she was able to take my son today. I could barely get him out of his crib and make his breakfast. I just went back to sleep and woke up a bit better. Still a little dizzy, but nothing like before.

Has anyone experienced this? Sounds from google like it’s quite common, but I didn’t have anything like this with my son. This whole pregnancy has been much, much harder. I’ve always had extremely low blood pressure, so I’m wondering if that’s part of the problem? Usually, it’s 90/60 but was 80/50 at my last OB appointment. Tips? Really worried that something is wrong.


I had some minor dizziness toward the end of my pregnancy, as if I was seeing stars, but the feeling of vomiting wasn’t there.

About 6 wks after the birth I felt a lot like you’re describing now. The OB sent me to the emergency room and they ran some tests and it was a urinary tract infection. I was put on antibiotics and then everything was fine. I never would’ve thought UTI in a million years because I never had one prior and it didn’t burn to pee. UTI can present itself in some odd ways. I got another last month with some other symptoms that included a fever. I’m not saying you have UTI but you might ask that your urine be tested.

Hopefully you feel better soon.


Wow, thanks for the heads up. I had a few UTIs with my last pregnancy, but so far had tested negative for this one. Am going to the GP this afternoon and will ask about that. I’ve noticed a lot of extra white discharge (sorry TMI) since the dizziness started, and am wondering if there is a correlation.

It’s quite a bit better today, but still not 100%.

Thanks for responding.


Pregnancy causes a hypercoagulable state; you need to rule out a stroke depending on the rest of your history and physical exam; definitely be seen by your doctor. I hope that all is well and this is something benign!


Thanks for responding.

I did see the GP this afternoon, and he thinks it’s vertigo. Apparently, my eyes kept flickering during the “follow the penlight” exam. Also, my blood pressure was 86/40. He prescribed me a class B drug to help with the dizziness that I’m supposed to run by my OB. But, didn’t seem too concerned. He does NOT think the vertigo is related to the pregnancy, but that seems REALLY coincidental to me. He did mention that the fact I’ve had a lot of ear and sinus issues with this pregnancy so far may not be helping the situation.

Anyway, wanted to post this in case anyone is ever googling “pregnancy vertigo!” Thanks again to those who took the time to respond.