Pregnant after 4 m/c's-scared


I found out I am pregnant this week. While I am thrilled, I am also terrified. I want to believe so badly that this pregnancy will be successful. This is the first time with our RE, and the game plan is totally different than with any of the other pregnancies, so I know I am doing physically, all that I can. I want to find the faith and belief that this is it, and trust that 9 months from now I will be holding my baby. Has or is anyone else experiencing this? I would love to hear from others.
My daily regimen includes:
4 mg folgard
60 mg lovenox
15 mg prednisone
progesterone suppositories
2 mg estridol
My blood test showed my hcg had doubled over 48 hours, but my progesterone had dropped from 30 to 23, which of course freaks me out, but the nurse not a big deal.
Thank you for being here.


Wow, congratulations! Just don’t stress too much about it and enjoy your pregnancy. Hope everything will be fine!


LeighLa- after you have been through what you have, you will always have some fear when you see that BFP. You lost your innocence and it’s a terrible feeling.

But studies say even with multiple m/c you still have a very good chance of a live birth (if there are no uderlying issues- clotting, etc. that haven’t been dealt with.)

Anyway, all I can say is take it day by day, step by step. Hang in there!

A couple of women who are pregnant now after multiple m/c have a thread for pregnancy after m/c because it is a unique situation that others may not always understand. Search yolyvette and you should find the thread she satrted.


LeighLA, it is utterly natural to be scared, terrified even. As time progresses though, I hope you get more relaxed.
I’ll tell you a story inspires me- my friends mother had 2 babies that died 1 month after birth (heart defects) and a miscarriage. Then she got pregnant with my friend, she had to be utterly petrified and not too optimistic through out the pregnancy, my friend was born perfectly healthy, and so was her brother after that. There is no rhyme or reason to any of this stuff.

Medically, It looks like they are throwing everything including the kitchen sink at you, which is good. Can I ask, What is your loss history and did the docs do a RPL panel on you, and if so what did they find??