Pregnant & Annoying Coworker


I’m 31, been ttc for 3 years, married 9. I tend to stress out easily as it is so when new girl started in December and the first day tells everyone that her and her boyfriend are trying to have a baby… I think yep, watch her get pregnant and I’ll have to listen to it for 9 months. Well wouldn’t you know it, here I am NOT pregnant and here she IS! Most of my co workers know my story. One of them took it upon herself to tell this girl that it’s a sensitive topic for me. The girl goes on to gripe about having to buy bigger pants (this is her second child), what stroller she wants and sending us all an email saying that she went to her appointment and all is well. I DON’T CARE! I didn’t care for her before she was pregnant and I really don’t now. Last week she decided to tell my coworker out loud that her bf joked about pushing her down the stairs. I’m sorry but I think that is the dumbest thing to say and that no one would tell people that if they had any brain. Am I overdramatic about all this? It sucks for me to listen to it. She obviously didn’t get my coworkers hint! I’m reminded of my “failure” constantly and it stresses me out even more. I just don’t know what to do. My Boss is a MAN and a huge huge gossip so I can’t go to him (I did go to HR just to cover myself if I have a breakdown). I told my Boss to please have a department shower when I have a day off. He got mad like I was doing it on purpose to be difficult. Let’s just say I work with a bunch of jerks. :slight_smile:


I work in an office with 5 other women. I have to listen out for my phone so I can hear my surroundings pretty well. She’s pretty loud and it’s a small office. I think she gets it that I don’t care for her so she does not talk to me directly which is a good thing. I have told my other coworkers that I don’t like listening to them carry on about it, pretty much saying to keep it minimum and do it when I’m gone to lunch or whatever. They still ask her how she’s feeling and all the questions to get her going. I think she is jealous of me and that she knows that she has the one thing I don’t have so she just doesn’t care. Yes, I can’t wait for it to be done with but then we have to cover her job while she’s out on top of our own work…stress. It just stinks all around. I like my job, I know she doesn’t so maybe she won’t come back!