Pregnant naturally after two IVF babies!?


So… I know its hard sometimes to read how other people have gotten pregnant naturally when you are in the midst of treatments. But you can take my story as a success story since I got pregnant on my first round of IVF with my first son 11/11/11. Then we had our first FET which resulted in a chemical pregnancy. Our second FET resulted in my second son 7/29/14.

I got my cycle back after 4 months and since I have a history of endometriosis I knew we wanted to try right away. We have two embryos left but we thought lets just try! I got pregnant the first month! Not even really trying. I lost that baby at 6w2d. The doctor said wait until your first real period and you can try again. Thats what we did and guess what I am pregnant again on the first try! I am freaking out a bit!

My numbers are REALLY high. I am hopeful someone can shed light on this. I have no idea when I ovulated… but I tested on CD27 with a digital (i KNOW, but its all I had) and it said Yes+! Then I had my first beta on cd28, it was 858?!? and second beta on cd30 was 2202!? It seems very high, according to beta base too. I have my ultrasound tomorrow, but until then I am stressing out. I knew you ladies would understand. Most of my naturally pregnant mommy friends dont even know what a beta is?! What the heck?


Hi Knpoduch! I’m so happy to hear about your pregnancy. I hope everything is going well for you :slight_smile:


knpoduch - How is everything going? Any updates?