Pregnant with vaginal pain


I know several of you ladies have been pregnant before and I’m hoping someone can reassure me. I am at 18 weeks now, and I have been having some sharp vaginal pains periodically all evening/night tonight.

I haven’t had any bleeding the whole pregnancy or any sign of problems.

Is this something to call my OB about on a Sunday? Is this totally routine? I just have no idea. I’m feeling nervous about it and really hope they just stop at some point overnight…


Personally, I’m of the mindset that anything you’re concerned about - you should call your OB, or L&D. If it’s okay, they can usually tell you over the phone and reassure you.

That being said, you might just be having some ligament pain. I had a lot of sharp vaginal pains with my first pregnancy (some so painful I would have to stop what I was doing). My OB said that it was pain from all the stretching, and not to worry. I never had any problems with my second.

Good luck to you!


Totally normal I always felt like I had lightning bolts of sharp pain down there or bodies do such crazy things as always though for piece of mind never hurts to call :slight_smile: cogrants on ur baby boy


I agree that it is probably round ligament pain, but if you are worried you should call your nurse.


Sometimes if the baby is positioned in just the right way, he can kick you in the cervix causing sharp pain. This has happened to me a few times recently and it stops me in my tracks! I agree that if you are concerned, it’s always better to be safe than sorry and call your OB- that’s what they’re there for! Chances are everything’s fine, and you will just get some reassurance.


Thanks for the feedback, guys. Your comments are similar to what I found when I searched other discussion boards, but somehow I like hearing it from our group.

It hasn’t been happening today, but if it does start up again I’ve decided I’ll call my OB’s office - my first off-hours call! Either way I will be calling the OB Monday to see what they think.

Thank you!