Pregnitude myo-inositol powder


Hi all…

I am gearing up for my 6th fresh round of IVF. I have been taking two grams of myo-inositol 2x a day after reading about how it may help improve egg quality.

My question is…I have been using Jarrow Formula Myo-Inositol 750mg capusles. I have recently heard about pregnitude myo-inositol powder than you put in water. Does anyone know which is better or have positive experience from either kind?

Thanks so much and :babydust: to you all!


I really don’t have an answer for you but I wanted to respond. I was not able to find the Myo-Inositol, but I took Pregnitude for my last IUI and had the best results I have ever had. I didn’t get prgnant that round, but I responded really well.
Whatever you decide, good luck to you!! :babydust: :babydust: