Pregnyl shot ? How much triggering tonight please help


Okay so I was told to do my trigger shot at 8 am freaking out I can’t find the amount of the shot am suppose to take I tought they had gave me instructions but nope can’t find anything can someone please help?


I mean 8pm


It’s a bottle of powder and a bottle of dilution water, right? I took all of the powder. And mixed it w/ 1 cc of the dilution water.

If you are late taking the shot, be sure to tell your RE tomorrow since this could affect your retrieval time.


Yeah okay thank you so much I can’t believe this happened to me :frowning: I had such a bad day at work I had a million things in my mind that I didn’t double check. Thank you again


Call them and ask. I always mix it with 2cc of diluent.