Premature Ovarian Failure


Had to move this post…I guess a realization I no longer belong on the “IVF” forum. Just use to posting there but no interest for this there. Hoping I can find some feedback here :slight_smile:

I’m just so frustrated with this major piece of my infertility lately. It’s robbed me of my reproductive years and I’m angry. Our journey using ART is over but I try to hold on to hope of a natural BFP eventually. For those of you with POF, what other factors are you dealing with? Like, what in your opinion (or your RE’s) could be making it worse? I have autoimmune issues. not necessarily with attacking pregnancies, I just have multiple autoimmune diseases. So my fertility is just bombarded by by endo, autoimmune diseases, and POF. My RE believes my endo damaged my ovaries to the extent that they are just shutting down early but I’m not sure this makes sense to me. My endo was only staged between 2-3 at diagnosis so it’s not like I’ve had stage 4. I was moved to stage 3 after my second lap because of an endometrioma. But has anyone else had their RE tell them that this can damage your ovaries to the point that they shut down? I’m just going through a phase I guess where I’m wanting some answers for what has caused things to be the way they are at this point. And my RE really has a lot of IDK’s for me. I don’t blame him but it’s hard to figure out what caused it all for sure.


I agree with you, it’s confusing. I asked a renowned RE why none of my IUI’s took and she said “opportunity?” What the hell does that mean?? I think the auto-immune portion of the picture is much larger than Dr.'s think. Your body is confused and getting pregnant is tough in this type of environment. I too have auto-immune issues and finally tried to stop pinpointing the problem to throw my money into IVF. Thank god it worked, I was driving myself and all around me insane.

My friend, stage 4 endo did get pregnant after 6 failed IVF’s and 8 years of trying. Happened all on its own. I hope the same happens for you, and I completely understand your frustration.


I am hearing more and more about autoimmune disease and medical conditions these days. I was reading a nursing article the other day about IBD and autoimmune disease, sorry that has nothing to do with infertility, but still, just proves it can affect many different systems in you body.
The fact of the matter is, more and more infertility centers are recognising that autoimmune disease can cause infertility. They are not exactly sure why or how to treat it (especially in regards to infertility), but I am sure we will see more research in the future.

Actually, autoimmune disease is listed as one of the most common causes of “unexplained infertility”. I have not read anything in regards to POF, but I’d say that is just due to lack of concrete medical research at the moment.

I found this paragraph explaining “autoimmune disease and infertility” Unexplained Infertility :: CHR
You might need to scroll down a bit. It is in relation to unexplained infertility but still it gives a bit if a background. Hope you find it helpful and good luck! :flower: