Prenatal perintolgist ? Preconception?



I am planning to start IVF Oct/Nov of this year as we have needed to save $ for IVF. I met w RE in the beg of the year and fund out now that in my file my RE wants me to meet with a refferal perintolgist before stimming so ASAP. I guess because of my height / weight puts me at higher risk for diabetes, high blood pressure, and Pre eclampsia. During my TTC history and repeat miscarriages I have had multiple various diabetes test including 1 and 3 hour tests and passed all of them. I had none if these issues w DD or my angel babies.

I am nervous and scared and not sure what to expect. Has anyone been in my shoes?


I saw a perinatologist when we first started TTCing because I have high blood pressure, ulcerative colitis, a blood clotting issue, and had open heart surgery due to a congenital heart defect. She agreed that she should be my primary OB, which meant that I got ultrasounds every other week for my entire pregnancy and then 2x/week NSTs from 34 weeks on.

The first appointment was just to meet and go over the risks I could face.

Good luck!


Thank you for response. The only thing I have is my weight, losses, gene mutation, thyroid. Oh and my age as I will hit 35 during the pregancy.