Prenatal + supplements


Hi all,
After failure with FET last week I am geared up with trying my best again one more time. Which prenatals is good one? What other supplements are good for nk cell, thyroid issues, egg quality issues?
I am

  • eating gluten free
  • vegan
  • dairy free most of the times
  • calcium
  • vit D
  • prenatals
  • fish oil
  • folic acid
  • wheat grass
  • baby aspirin
  • started rrl tea
  • accupuncture

I took but paused

  • royal jelly
  • coq10
  • l-argirine
  • DHea

I heard fertilitea is good? But then read in reviews that its not good for women with regular cycles, my cycles were 28 days , but since last 2-3 months my cycle are longer , not sure what’s causing it

Any suggestions please


I stopped doing acupuncture and still had BFP twice… i just cant stay pregnant. Also the cycle when i took a gazillion supplements was when I got all abnormal embryos and the cycle when I didnt was the one when I got 6 chromosomally normal blasts. It is good that you are taking all these supplements for general health but don’t worry too much about them. I did take fish oil, vitamin D and calcium prior to my FET cycle that I had BFP but i had to stop taking fish oil once I started my cycle because I was also taking lovenox and baby aspirin in addition to it which caused me unnecessary bleeding

Focus on your stimming protocol instead. Protocol makes a big difference in egg quality. Lab techniques make a big difference in embryo quality. Have you done recurrent pregnancy loss panel? Having a positive test for antiphospholipid antibody can cause implantation problem.


Prenatal should be taken at least 6 months before the pregnancy & also 1 year after giving birth. Vitamin E is also good for a healthy heart & reproduction…