Prenatal Vitamins


Hi. I am new to the infertility world (well kinda been trying to conceive for the past 17 months). I have been diagnosised with unexplained infertility. DH SA checked out good. We are hoping to do our first IUI June 10th.

I wanted to get some input on chewable prenatal vitamins. Which are the best out there? I know some chewables lack iron or other essentials. Any opinions or recommendations would be great. I was also wondering if anyone has ever taken Prenatalgyn (they are a brand of prenatals). They are not chewable but have heard they are capsules and smaller then other prenatal vitamins however they seem very expensive. Any thoughts?

I would like to start taking prenatals now to help prep my body.

Thanks in Advance


I haven’t tried the prenatals, but with my pregnancy with from IUI#1 i used Flintstone chewables. My OB and RE said that was fine as long as i got the complete or with iron. I did 2 a day.


I personally take and LOVE the CVS brand of Prenatal Gummies (they are the knock off of Vitafusion which I don’t like as much). They do not have iron in them, but the reason is because iron is only needed for those that are deficient in it and it is rare to be deficient until sometime in the second trimester of pregnancy. They don’t recommend it before then because it can mess with thyroid levels and cause constipation and bind to minerals that could cause more problems than it benefits when not actually deficient. Hope that makes sense.

So I wouldn’t worry about that particular one since the first thing they do at your first OB appt is a CBC which also checks your iron levels. Then they check it again in the second trimester and if at either time you are seen to be deficient then they will let you know and recommend the specific amount you need based on your levels.

What you do need to watch however is the folic acid, as others have mentioned. You want to get 800mcg’s a day so if your current multivitamin doesn’t have that then you may just want to buy that separately and added it to your regular multivitamin. However, many multivitamin’s have to much Vitamin A for pregnancy so is another reason to shoot for a good prenatal vitamin instead that has the recommended amount of folic acid.

Also, the NIH (National Institutes of Health) now recommends 4000-5000IU’s of viatmin D per day too as it has been found in multiple studies to be deficient in many pregnant women and also to prevent preterm labor, gestational diabetes, and other pregnancy complications. It was also found that it takes seriously high doses to reach toxic levels (like 30,000+IU’s pr day I think) whereas in the past it was thought to be toxic at much lower levels. Even where there is no deficiency it still took a lot to get the levels toxic. If I recall correctly one can even have 3x’s the normal blood levels and still not be toxic so…it is worth taking an extra supplement with that 4000IU’s per day or so. This is good to start now too since vitamin D is a pro-hormone and thus helps aid a healthy balance of other hormones.

Good Luck!


I’ve never tried chewables but I take Vitafol-One …my doctor have prescribed me.

Lots of baby dust…


I also Love Love Love the cvs gummies! Folic Acid is the number one thing you need and as long as it has that in the correct amount you should be just fine. My RE said that chewable is just fine and I have no side effects from the CVS ones.

Good luck:babydust: