Prenatal Vitamins


I’ve been taking Walgreens brand prenatal vitamins for years. My RE wants me to take Prenatal Plus & Fe Tabs by Amneal. It is a prescription vitamin.

What did/are you taking? Is it prescription? Any side effects?



I’ve been taking prenatal vitamins from Costco for a couple years. My RE wrote me a one month rx during my two week wait but my OB said it didn’t matter which one I took and she didn’t write me another rx so back to Costco vitamins.


I take nature made for women with Iron. I found that a lot of prenatals have some nutrients missing and I have found nature made for women to have everything in a prenatal and then some. I also take extra calcium and another iron pill each day since I have trouble with iron levels even when not pregnant.


I take the Women’s One A Day Prenatal + DHA and I’m prescribed, Calcium w/vitamin d, folic acid and iron because of the twin pregnancy.

When my sister was pregnant she didn’t have prescription coverage and her doctor insisted on prescription prenatals. As an early gift to her my mom paid for the first three month supply (over 400!!) but my sister wasn’t game to pay that out of pocket so she brought it to the pharmacist to matched all of the ingredients to one of the OTC ones and although she had to take three different pills (DHA & Folic acid on the side) in total it cost her only about $60 for three month supply.