Previa Preggos


Hi Guys,

I wanted to see if there are any other people on this forum that are currently dx with Placenta Previa. I could honestly use a previa buddy.

about me…

After TTC for 5 years I am 21w preggo with my first. Im overjoyed but this pregnancy has not been a walk in the park. First the baby implanted near cervix, so I was told he might not be viable… and now that he has beaten those odds I am told i have complete placenta previa. Not to mention I have been battling round ligament pain and due to scars from previous surgeries the pain is intensified. No real bleeding ( thank god)

With the previa I was told they are scheduling me for a 37w C-Section. I am on pelvic rest with the following restrictions:

No Sex or Orgasm
No lifting anything over 10lbs (20 is max 10 is safe)
No excercise and limited walking
Sitting with feet elevated at work
WATER! ( must drink tons, can help not to have bleeds)
No baths or pools ( booo! its summer)
And to go to ER first sign of bleeding

Anyways I feel like a ticking time bomb. I dont go back for 6w. I was told the way the placenta is sitting it is very unlikely it will move.

Hope to find some ladies out there that are going through this. If not Ill be talkng to myself! I need an outlet.