Primary or Secondary Recipient


Hi all. If given a choice in a split cycle, would you rather be the primary or the secondary recipient? I was the secondary recipient but the primary just dropped out of the cycle - so I can move to the primary position. I would have to pay 3k extra if there are less than 10 eggs and get all the eggs (if I were the secondary recipient and less than 10 eggs, I would not get any eggs but I would not have to pay for the cycle).


A couple of questions I would think about:

Has the donor donated before? If so how much did she produce? Every cycle is different, but I’d like to hope that your RE is able to get the donor to produce around where she had been…

Is the donor your absolute ideal donor? If you were in the second slot and didn’t get any eggs would you be thinking what if?

Would it be a big deal to pay the extra $3000?


I would also add…could you handle going through this without getting the opportunity to see if worked? After the whole donor selection process, the stress of matching, the lining checks, and waiting for retrieval, I’m not sure that I’d be comfortable with stopping there it the egg numbers were lower. That being said, I’m not sure if the eggs would be as good if they got fewer than 10 eggs from someone who responded well in the past.

Sorry…I don’t have a good answer!


All good points, ladies. I have thought of all of those…my donor did produce a lot of eggs in her past two cycles. It would really stink to go through all that and end up with no eggs… but on the other hand, as the secondary recipient, you don’t have to pay for the cycle if you don’t get eggs, which may not be such a bad thing if the eggs are crappy. I wish there were more parts of this process we could control:-)


If you are primary with CNY for a split cycle like I was you should be fine I was, and she will probably be matched for second rec. asap . Good luck.


Thanks. I am with CNY - but I am the secondary recipient but had the chance to move over since the primary dropped out.


So now you are primary ? That should work out even if donor does not produce enough eggs it is only $3,000 more.