Probably a stupid question- ivf cramping and bleeding 2ww


So I started bleeding saturday night (dark blood, off and on) Sunday I was really bleeding and cramping, it is now Monday and i am still bleeding and crampy. My blood test is tomorrow, my doctor said to keep on my meeds just in case. Has anyone ever heard of someone cramping and bleeding this much and still get a bfp? This is so tiring…


ANYTHING IS possible! I will say though that I got a :bfp: while bleeding (I actually showed up to the doctors office to begin my next round of IUI, and when the doctor started questioning me about my “period” I told her it was abnormal. She wanted to do a test and check and sure enough I was preggers.) but it ended in miscarriage.

I know its exhausting…but hang in there! You will have an answer soon…:cross: for a :bfp: !!!:cheer: :cheer: :cheer:


Thank you

Thank you for your positive reply. Sorry to hear about your m/c, wow that must have been a surprise! Did you have cramps with your bleeding?


Just got my hcg levels back they are 13 - another chemical pregnancy.