Probably shouldn't have done that...


Background info:
Had my IUI on Oct 22nd. Been “normal” since then, except for minor twinges and stretching every now and then. Didn’t think anything of it when my DH signed up for a Pumpkin Run 5K for today.

Fast forward to today:
Started off running the 5K and then walked the rest. Felt some more twinges, but now I’m in all out pain. I feel like my crotch is split in 2. It hurts to twist, it hurts to sit.

I’m pretty sure I screwed something up for this cycle. Between my higher heart rate and warm body (although not too bad with it being only 30-some degrees out) I bet the implanting won’t go as hoped. The thing that bugs me is that my doc said I COULD do the run/walk. Grr! Any ideas? Just trying to stay positive. Thanks for your help!



I’m sure things will be just fine, especially if you have been walking/running prior to this. You could be uncomfortable because your ovaries are a little overstimulated, and the run just irritated them a bit. I felt uncomfortable most of my 2ww just as after effects from the IUI.

If you continue to have severe or sharp pain, I’d check with your doctor, but try not to worry. All kinds of cramping are had by women on this forum, both pregnant and not. Normal women who don’t do infertility treatments go on runs and do all kinds of things before they realize they are pregnant, and somehow the little beans inside them continue to thrive anyway.

Good luck and feel better soon!


I hope my story makes you feel a little better. Prior cycles, I always took the 2ww easy just in case the baby was implanting, I didn’t want to “shake” it off. LOL Anyway, this 2ww, I laid a flagstone patio with my husband. I lifted large rocks and loaded tons of sand and gravel. Who would have thought this was the cycle that worked!!! I am now 8 weeks pregnant. :preg: !

I really think it might be because your ovaries are swollen. I don’t think the run will discourage your chances. Good Luck!


Thanks girls, I appreciate the advice/positive thoughts. I think you may be onto something about the ovaries. It’s very tender when I push on the right side, though my ovulating follicle came from the left. No more sharp pains (felt much better after icing my “nether regions” for almost an hour, LOL) and I’ve gone back to the dull ache in my abdomen.

Thanks again to both of you, I am grateful for your help. =)


I agree w/ the other girls. And the twinges, dull ache and pulling is all VERY promising!!!