Problem With Batch Of Hcg


Dear All,

Can anybody please Share your experience with recent batch HCG of
Koragon HP 5000 mfr by Ferring
(Batch F24101U).

we had problem for 4 patients. We had empty follicle syndrome for them
after using this batch.

For one patient we didn’t retrieve any eggs even after 10-15 flushes for
each follicle. we did UPT for her and it was negative on the day of egg
collection. The blood
BHCG level was only 6.9 mIU/ml

We gave her HCG (different brand) 10000 units and
We repeated Egg collection after 36 hours. We collected 16 eggs for her.
This time her BHCG blood level was
400 mIU/ml.
So obviously this was a " false " Empty follicle syndrome.

This bad batch of HCG has caused lot of inconvenience to our patients.
Pls share ur experience if had the same problem.