Progesterone an Estrogen giving me Hives?


Ok this is becoming so unbearable the hives I keep getting them every night I mean I will scratch till I see blood it feels like a zillion flea bites all over … Anyone else have this issue or feeling ??? Takes hour or two for it to calm down …


Sorry you are going through that, sounds like something that should be reported to your RE. I broke out on my chest from the progesterone, it was itchy for like one day and then went away. But it looked more like an acne breakout than hives.


I am going too today I was crying lastnight …


If it’s hives, then you definitely need to report it. You could be allergic to something in the medications, which could be easily changed.


It might be the sesame oil the progesterone is in. I had a similar reaction, although not quite as bad. Ask your RE if you can use progesterone in olive or some other oil…


Swithching me to 1/2 cc Progesterone at night and 3 tablets of Prometrium a day to start weaning me off…going to see how this goes