(Progesterone Challenge)


Hi all,
I’m new here :slight_smile: I went off the pill in April 2012 and have had only 2 natural periods since in July and August 2012. I went to the doctor finally in March of this year. She did a bunch of tests and put me on Provera (Progesterone Challenge). I took it for 7 days and then got a period. After looking at my blood tests, she said my blood work looked like I could possibly have PCOS. I really have no other symptoms- I’m not overweight, I don’t have unwanted hair really or acne but obviously I do have the period issues. Anyway, my doctor sent me to an RE who did more blood work and said she wanted to do an ultrasound. However, I have to wait until the 3rd day of my period and they don’t want me to take Provera again because apparently my progesterone and estrogen levels were elevated which shows I am “going to get my period.” However, it’s been over a month (and 2 months since my last period that I got only because of Provera- otherwise 10 months since a period). I feel like I am not really going to get it. Is it possible my levels are just elevated but I still won’t get a period? I tried to discuss this with the nurse but she said I just need to be patient. I don’t mind being patient but I’ve been waiting 10 months, why do they really think I am suddenly going to get it now? Thanks for any help you can provide :slight_smile:



You can have PCOS without those other symptoms, and you can have mild PCOS, and different unique to you pain-in-the-butt PCOS. Everyone responds to it differently… and it could be something else alltogether… and it often takes awhile to figure it out, so the nurse is correct in some regards. Put your patient cap on and get really used to it… BUT… that’s a lot easier said then done. I was always bugging my RE’s office, but I did it politely and apologized for being a pain and they were pretty understanding. They probably get pretty tired of dealing with stressed out and upset women and tend to loose some of their “charm”, and right or wrong, that’s the way it is… so politely bug them, and if all else fails tell them you need to schedule an appointment with the doctor to go over things. Say your partner wants to come in with you. Whatever. Make what you need to happen happen… but try not to piss anyone off along the way. It won’t help you…but it’s true - no one at that office cares about this as much as you do.