Progesterone dropped significantly


Im 11wks5days today. Last Thursday my p4 was 77 so my re had me drop my pio shots to 1cc every other day (was doing everyday). Today, just 4 days later, my levels were only 29. I’m nervous about such a big drop off. Anyone else have a similar experience and if so what was the outcome.



That’s expected after decreasing your dose. 29 is a perfect level to sustain a pregnancy. Try not to worry (((hugs)))


Agreed … Most REs won’t even taper the PIO I was done with injections at 10 weeks. And anything over 15-20 is more than ok


Mine dropped to 18 at about 13wks after coming off the PIO. They didn’t seem concerned with it and I am 23wks now so all was fine for me.


Thanks everyone for getting back to me on this - I really appreciate it. I ended up going in for b/w yesterday because I was nervous and it went from 29 to 35 so I feel better to see that it wasn’t dropping and was actually coming up. I go ahead tomorrow for one more check to make sure it isn’t dropping and if that comes back okay then I think I will finally be convinced that my body is taking over like it’s supposed to :).


I’m back. After 4 days of no meds my progesterone dropped to 14 at 13 weeks, and the doctor doesn’t want me to take any more. I’m nervous though because that’s below the 20 that they like to see. Anybody else have really low progesterone this late in the pregnancy and have everything work out.


at 13 weeks, the placenta should be providing/producing everything the baby needs. I don’t know many docs who test after that. I think you are fine.:cross:


Hi ttt123, how’s your progesterone levels? I’m stopping my pio shots in couple weeks- very nervous. I only had one ultrasound and they refuse to give me another one, only at 12 weeks. Soo I went on line and bought a doppler- should be here Friday. I’m currently 8w3d and have zero prego symptoms- freaking out. Good luck :grouphug: