Progesterone headaches gone?


I’m going in for my second beta tomorrow, but I’ve noticed my headaches that was constant seem to have disappeared. Should I be worried? Eek! I think I’m more nervous about tomorrow than the first beta test!


Hey Jen, I went in for my second beta today too! The second one is ALWAYS more stressful. I think it’s because you are SO close, and the mixed emotions of happiness and worry cloud your weekend! I never get progesterone headaches, it might be because I am also on a nightly dose of aspirin? I don’t think it’s anything to worry about though, maybe you are just getting used to the dull pain of the headache, or you forgot about it in all the excitement of your first beta.
Good luck!


I get horrible hormonal migraines - and they come and go. have since I was cycling. I wouldn’t attribute them only to progesterone in my case, but nontheless, I don’t think a few days without a headache is anything but a GOOD thing! good luck!


2nd beta today was 615, so all is still on track! Don’t go back for a week now so that’ll be the new nerve wracker! Lol. Guess I better get used to it!!


awesome!!! congratulations!