Progesterone in Ethyl Oleate Question


Hello experienced ET ladies.

I just started my PIO shots on Sunday, so I have done one in my left side and two in my right. My problem is, I already have lumps!!! Plus it really BURNS when being injected.

In the past I have always used Progesteron in Cotton Seed oil. My usual procedure is --> fill syring --> rest on heating pad --> change needle --> inject --> cover injection site with heating pad.

I use those rice heating pads you heat up in the microwave.

I have not gotten lumps until at least my ET date and it never hurts going in.

Should I ask to change back to Cotton Seed Oil? Everything I have heard about Ethyl Oleate is that it is heavenly - flows like water, no need to heat up, no lumps, no pain.

Why am I different? What have you all experienced?


With DD I also used PIO in ethyl and I still did have a few lumps but what seemed to help was putting it in very slowly. I would always try my hardest to count to 20 or 25 like the nurse suggest. Also in the beginning I always had more lumps. After my rear end got use to it, it got better.


I’m one of those that thought the ethyl oleate was a godsend. I always did the heating and massage with it just like I did with the PISO (sesame oil :nerd: ) but never had near the lumps. Maybe call your RE - could this be an allergic reaction?



I have called my clinic. I am changing back to PIO (Cottonseed oil).

My ET is tomorrow, I hope this PIO pain is worth it!