Progesterone in oil


Just wondering if anyone out there has any tips for this stuff. I have no problem with the injections, but the soreness afterwards is getting to me. They told me to only do it in the ventro-gluteal area (buttocks), and said to not even try to legs, and especially not the arms. I read somewhere ice is a bad idea, but has anyone tried heat? No heat? Stretching? This is only day 3 of this stuff for me, and if we do get pregnant I need to know how I’m going to make it 3 months with only two sites for injection! :grr:


Me Too - Ouch!

I am taking it everyday. After the shot I sit on a heating pad massaging it it for 10 minutes. That seems to help. I have also heard of ladies numbing the site with ice cubes but the shot is not that bad to me, it is the lumps and soreness after. Hope you get your BFP :cross:


Thanks, I’ll give that a try. Good luck to you!


I second the heating pad and I was also told to move around after getting the shot because if you sit for a long time afterwards it kind of makes the lumps worse. So don’t do it right before bed but maybe earlier so you can go about your evening getting things moving around in the injection site. good luck to you!


I ALWAYS ice it for about 30 seconds before the shot. Like the others have said…I used a heatign pad after the shot and it sounds weird…but I do squats also. It’s like getting a flu shot in your arm…the muscle gets sore because the medication stays a little localized. They tell you to massage your arm to help reduce the soreness. Since your butt is such a bigger muscle it needs a little more movement. Squats!!!


I love the squats idea! I did go to Jazzercise today but that was before the shot. Perhaps I should time my shots around my Jazzercise class … :smiley:


Also, if you request the Progesterone in Ethyl Oleate (instead of the oil) it is much thinner and causes much less pain!! It is a little bit more expensive, but your insurance might pay for it! Good Luck!:babydust: :babydust:


I think this is a good post to put a sticky on, but I am not sure how to do that. This is my second time doing progesterone injections - first time I never had the pain that I do today after my first shot last night. My bum hurts so much, although I did use a heating pad. Maybe tonight we’ll go for an evening stroll to get it moving.


Well, I’ve been on these shots for almost 2 weeks now, and I’ve been doing pretty well thanks to all your advice and comments. I found that the heating pad and movement works great. Also we have this neck massager thingy, and I just put it against the back of the couch and lean on it, that helps also. I have a leftover gift certificate for massage, so I think I’m going to use that too.


The heat def. helps. I did not find the shots very painful at all, but the knots and soreness both were intense. Right after removing the needle, rub over the area for a bit then apply some moist heat. It seemed to provide a bit of relief for me. I hope it works for you. Good luck with everything.

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side effects

Hello everyone,

Has anyone experienced fainting with the progesterone in oil??



[quote=mettie143]Hello everyone,

Has anyone experienced fainting with the progesterone in oil??[/quote]

Sounds like something to call the doctor about.


I am really mystified as to why this round of IVF has me hurting with the progesterone shots so much. I did it to myself for the first time ever last night (usually my husband does it, as I am too scared, but want to find in myself the fortitude to try it on my own). For the second time this week, I awoke the next day with an incredibly sore bum, despite using heat, moving, etc… I wonder what is making the difference? Some nights I don’t feel it at all.