Progesterone Level???


I got the results back from my 21 day Progesterone check and I was told it was a 32.5. No sure exacly what this meanc because the PA was VERY vauge in saying it was “normal” and to call to make an appointment IF I start my cycle again… A little irritated and a little confuse here ? ? ? Anyone know anything about it?


I figured it out on my own I think. I guess they check progesterone because it is an indicator that ovulation has occured. Also it is an indication on whether or not a pregnancy is able to be sustained without the help of a progesterone supplement. Hmmm… Apparently this is good. So I’m happy with a “normal” level. No AF yet and its CD 29, my projected start day, even though I’m crampy. It ain’t over til it over so I’m still hoping.