Progesterone levels if BFP?


I posted this to another thread already but I was hoping to hear from the BFP ladies. I was reading that progesterone levels go up in early pregnancy but I cant really find a chart anywhere of what they should be. I was having issues with progesterone on 7dpo and the doc decided to put me on clomid. I think my last test was 6.8 and it should be 10, something like that. Well this time it was 12.6. Which the nurse said was good… but I am wondering, does pregnancy show up in your progesterone levels this early? I thought this month might be the month but the nurse already called in my script for clomid next month… it kinda freaked me out like she didnt think I would be pregnant this month. Thanks for all your input.:bsv:


My RE had me on progesterone suppositories - but they did say that you can’t tell if you are pregnant by the Progesterone level check they do 1/2 way through the 2WW. If the levels are too low it just shows them that there may be an issue supporting a pregnancy… they can give suppositories for this though. There is still a chance… try to stay positive. Sending :bsv: to you! Good luck.