Progesterone Levels post follistim and IUI


I was wondering if anyone else has had problems with their progesterone levels not being where they want them with the use of suppositories following follistim and IUI. 7dpIUI progesterone level was 5.1 so they upped my progesterone dosage to 100mg 2x/day. 10dpIUI progesterone level was only 6.3. They told me they like it to be greater than 15. When I asked if this meant that this cycle wouldn’t work all they said is that they worry about the fertilized egg not being able to “stick” and that it wouldn’t affect a pregnancy that wasn’t meant to be (to me these responses mean nothing…unsure if they are being wishy washy or if I am just over-reacting to their response because I am emotional). I have tried laying down when I do the suppositories hoping that more stays in, but regardless I feel like it is still all leaking out…

…Hoping for a :bfp:on Friday which would be 14dpIUI