Progesterone oil with cancelled IUI?


Hi all! Just going back and forth about this month. We were supposed to do an IUI this week, but Monday (Day 12) I went in for my ultrasound and I had no large follicles. I asked my doc if it was possible that I already ovulated. She said that usually there would be what looks like a cyst from the ruptured follicle, but it was still possible so they did a blood test and found my progesterone level was 1.5. She said that probably meant I was in the midst of ovulating. Now we are just trying on our own and the doc said I could start Progesterone shots on Saturday. I should also add that I had a feeling this was going to happen since I’ve always had short cycles. I am kicking myself for not speaking up more with the doc. I just thought she knew that!

My dilemma is that I’m not sure if I should still go ahead with the Progesterone. I’m afraid that will just prolong my cycle for nothing and I’m wondering if that will throw off my upcoming cycle. I just wonder if it would be better to clear out all the hormones from my body and start fresh next cycle. I also just don’t want to miss out on my chance this month! What to do? What to do?

Have you missed a cycle because you ovulated too early? And was there something on the ultrasound to help confirm that?


You should go ahead with the progesterone. It will help mimic a regular cycle regardless of if you ovulate or not and that will help your body to believe it is having a normal luteal phase and thus prompt a regular AF. It will also set you up for better results in the following cycle since one cycles are somewhat cyclical (where if one doesn’t do well hormonally then the next one is effected so if you do the best you can in making this the best cycle possible regardless of ovulation or pregnancy and in fact especially with the lack of ovulation it will help set up your hormones for the following cycle).

Also, I have pcos so used to do this every cycle. Nearly all of my clomid cycles were a bust, but I would still take the progesterone and start my cycle on time. The more I did this the better my body got (the more balanced my hormones got as they were very imbalanced).

Plus, if you just happen to actually ovulate and get pregnant in this cycle the progesterone will help to sustain the luteal phase so the the embryo has time to implant and then help sustain the pregnancy as often if you don’t ovulate very strong (or not at all) then the body doesn’t give off adequate levels of progesterone on it’s own and this is how luteal phase defects occur (where AF shows up too early) or late or no periods occur.


Yes, I think a nice good progesterone course can only improve the next cycle, even if you don’t get pregnant on this one, and it will help your luteal phase, like ahhny said. She may know better whether it might lengthen your luteal phase, but even if it does, I think it would only be by a very small amount, overall.


That makes sense. I will go ahead with the progesterone. Thank you!!


Not sure how your Doc will have you do it, but mine would have me do a pregnancy test after being on the progesterone for 15 days. If it was negative then I was to stop taking the progesterone and AF would show up within a couple days. I did have times where I didn’t make it to 15 days before starting on my own, but I was also on pills and cream at the time rather than the PIO. The PIO is much stronger so it is more likely you wouldn’t start AF until after stopping the PIO, but you also don’t want to stop the PIO until you are certain you aren’t pregnant since stopping while pregnant could cause a miscarriage if your progesterone levels are too low.

My Doc said that after 15 days there was only a 1% chance I could still be pregnant and still be getting a negative hpt (in other words there was only a 1% chance of a false negative). So at that point he felt it was safe to stop the progesterone.

Of course since blood testing is much more accurate many RE’s prefer to test that way instead after so many days on the progesterone and then if that is negative then they have you stop then so…just depends on what your Doc instructs you to do and if a pregnancy occurs how long you take it.


Well, I started spotting today. I thought PIO was supposed to stop that from happening, so I’m a little discouraged. I also took a pregnancy test and its negative which I feel like I should be seeing at least a faint line by now.

Has anyone had spotting with PIO? When I got pregnant with my daughter, I had zero spotting so I’m fairly certain that I’m not pregnant. It was also the first time I had ever tried PIO so I always thought that was really what helped me. Now I’m not so sure.