Progesterone question


So I see that several if you ladies list your progesterone levels and they always seem to be higher than mine. Originally my progesterone was 6 on 8dpo. The doc put me on clomid and my progesterone went up to 12.6 8dpo. I’m taking the progesterone test for 8dpo and 7dpiui today. I won’t get the results until Monday or Tuesday and I’m wondering if there is any point in insisting the doc put me on progesterone at that point if it is still 12.6? I will be 10dpiui on Tuesday. If this cycle doesn’t work I plan on insisting on progesterone for next cycle. The doc tells me that anything above ten is good but I have seen much higher numbers here. Thanks for your help!


On medicated cycles, 10+ is pretty good. Some dr’s like to see 15+ on medicated cycles though. The reason you see other girls with higher P4 numbers is bc everyone is different. Your P4 number also depends on how many mature follies you ovulated and if you did a trigger shot as that is the HCG hormone it sometimes makes your P4 higher. I would trust your dr and if he says 12.6 is good, go with it.


My RE likes to see 15-20 on medicated cycles, but I have heard from some that anything over 10 is ok, too. If it doesn’t work over a few cycles, your RE and/or you might suggest trying something different (injectables).