Progesterone Question


Does your RE tell you what your levels are pre-ovulatory and post?

And how long are you on progesterone after transfer?

And what type do you use, or a combination?

The reason for my questions is that I was told I had a pretty low progesterone levels pre-ovulatory. (by the nurse AFTER i asked on the phone).

I’ve brought this up with my RE, who basically has told me not to worry, but I can’t get it out of my head that IF if had higher numbers it would affect my ability to stay pregnant.

Seems I get implantation but have issues after that. Maybe i’m grasping at straws. I never get told my numbers (not that i usually ask, as I’m no expert but maybe its time to start). I am in Canada, so I know we have different standard or protocols?



Hi Skittles,

My RE doesn’t check it before IVF. He has you start PIO shots the night of retrieval and continue until 6-8 weeks of pregnancy. He has you do 2 betas and checks the progesterone each time, and I know he wants it at least 20 but 40 is best. He also checks the level at the first ultrasound.

I personally think it is smart to get as much information as you can and I agree with you that this could be your problem. I would be asking ??? too.

Thinking of you,


Aren’t pre-ovulatory levels supposed to be low? Like well under 5? I didn’t have mine monitored before trigger, but I know some people here have, and they are watching to make sure you didn’t get ready to/already ovulate. I think lower is better pre-ovulation. If your post-ovulatory levels were good, I think that’s what matters.


My RE monitors the E2 and P4 starting with the Lupron shots. I didn’t ask for the very first BW but then I asked each time they called me to let me know everything looks good. P4 was anywhere from .88 to 1.54, it went up and down. Now I have to increase my PIO from 1cc to 2cc a day. I also asked on follicles sizes. He gave me a copy once then the next time told me to write it down during the US. So I did.