Progesterone question


Ok so since yesterday afternoon my bbs have grown more sore and swollen. Why would this be if I was 11dpo yesterday? Normally the progesterone has already peaked right??? Shouldn’t it be on its way down with less symptoms by now? I tested yesterday morning and got a bfn; but couldn’t bare seeing another bfn this morning so I didn’t test today. But my temp jumped from 98.1, where it’s been consistently since ovulation to 98.54 this morning.


People often forget that a rise in estrogen (as is what occurs just prior to AF) also causes breast tenderness. Also, the drop in progesterone isn’t usually slow and subtle, but rather sudden (that is the increase after ovulation is subtle over about a week. Then it peaks and stays peaked until it suddenly drops, but the drop is sudden over only a couple days rather than a week or so) and at the same time as a sudden rise in estrogen is what prompts AF to show–this sudden change in hormones. So…your sore breasts could have been from the rising progesterone and is now just from the drop in prog and rise in estrogen.

Having said that though your BBT did slightly rise so…though you cannot take one slight rise to mean anything as it is the pattern over time/over several days that tells you. The rise over one day doesn’t mean you are pregnant anymore than a drop of one day would indicate AF was coming for sure either. It is a drop or rise over a couple days so…unfortunately all you can do is wait and see what happens.

Also, whatever hormone change is occuring usually takes a day to show up on the chart so if your prog is rising instead of dropping then this one rise in BBT could be the beginning of that showing up, but it is just hard to say with only one day so could be a good sign, but you still just have to wait and see as it isn’t definitive enough on its own even with the breast tenderness.

Also, I assume you aren’t on any progesterone supplements? If so then this chart means nothing as the progesterone would artificially make it high until you stop them.

Assuming you aren’t on progesterone though–12dpo is a good time for a rise in temp though or for your chart to go triphasic so…:cross:

Hope you do get a BFP in the next couple days!! :babydust: :babydust:


Than you so much for your response. It’s more than what I could’ve expected. No I did not take progesterone supplements. I went back and checked my previous months and noticed that at 12dpo my temps were coming down and were between 98.0 and 98.1. So hopefully I’ll see another rise in the morning! And a bfp! Thanks again