Progesterone shots...any advise?


Hello! I am on my first IVF cycle and preparing to do a FET transfer. I’m on my 5th day of progesterone shots in my bottom and I’m hurting a bunch back there. I also have a large lump on one side. Any advice on alleviating the pains/symptoms?


Here’s what worked like a charm for me… take super hot water and put in hot water bottle. Take syringe filled with poi oil and wrap in scalding hot wash cloth for about 2 minutes. If it gets cold, heat washcloth again and wrap around syringe. While waiting for syringe to warm, hold hot water bottle on injection site. Once you do your injection, keep hot water bottle on injection site for about 4 minutes afterwards. No pain, no bump, no bruise. Just get into this routine and you will be much happier!!! The trick is to get the oil thin before it goes into your muscle so the heat makes it liquify. Let me know how you make out.


Thanks so much Danielle! Sounds like heat is the key. The large lump is from my very first shot, it’s feels like a softball under my skin making everyday tasks like walking, sitting and bending down super painful. Do you know how long it takes for the lumps to calm down?


A lot of people say its the medicine sitting there but our doctor says its not. They say its the muscle tensing up and causing a knot. What we do is after removing the needle, give the injection shot a deep massage for two minutes. You can also use the heating pad before and after for 15 min. It helps a lot when I give my wife her shot. The only times she had the knots was when she just didnt feel like getting the pad ready and using it for so long.


Thanks Ken…every bit of advice helps!!!


On my last round, I had similar issues and my doctor ended up calling in a more compounded synthetic oil (some insurances don’t cover this but I hear it’s MUCH better than the other kind) so I only have to take 1cc instead of 2cc. A lot of people say to go for the “love handles” area, however, after talking to my chiropractor AND massage therapist, they both said that it was shooting too high and hitting a really tight muscle that won’t absorb the oil as well as it should (not to mention, putting me in the worst pain of my life…burning and pain like no other). So my nurse told me to look at my butt, draw a line horizontally and shoot right above that line (but below the two indentions right above your crack). Chiropractor and massage therapist agreed. WOW - what a difference so far. I still ice right before and heating pad (on medium) afterwards to help. Not saying that it will last me the whole time so might switch to the top/side of my thighs later on if the bottom gets too sore…but we’ll see. If you didn’t do any chromosomal testing on your embryos, I would ask to switch over to Crinone (?) if you can…MUCH easier to deal with. Too bad that I have to do both until I’m 12 weeks along…let’s hope I get to that point. :slight_smile: Good luck!!!