Progesterone Suppositories


Hi ladies! I FINALLY got my first :bfp:! It is a bit scary right now because my progesterone levels are lower than they would like, and I have been told to switch from oral progesterone to the suppositories.

I started using the suppositories this past Friday night and use them at night and also in the morning. The nurse led me to believe that once I use one, I need to lay down for awhile. This hasn’t been a problem over the weekend, but I am wondering if anyone knows how long to lay down. I am trying to plan my Monday morning before going to work. :wink:


I started using them this morning also. I’ve always used them at night. I’d say if you really haven’t had an issue then you probably won’t at work.


Are you using Endometrin? It looks like a kind of large white pill but instead you use a plastic plunger applicator to get it up ‘there’? See this link - Endometrin for a picture.

If so, I have been using those since my 2nd IUI and never lay down afterwards. They stay up there just fine. I have found at about 8 hours afterwards the remnants ‘leak out’. Really quite pleasant. :rolleyes: Panty liners are a must!


I’ve used both Crione Gel and Endometrin and never had to lay down after either :slight_smile: Crinone was just once a day but endometrin was 2x aday. But yes… a panty liner is a must!!


WHAATTT??? Didn’t see your BFP until right now!

congrats and baby dust hun!


I’ve never heard of having to lie down due to the progesterone supp’s, but my nurse did recently tell me the medicine usually is absorbed in the first hour. I would think if you took it an hour before you leave the house in the a.m. as you drink your coffee and get ready, it would be fine. But that’s just my guess. Congratulations on your BFP!


Thanks gals! I did put it in about an hour before I started getting up and moving around just to be safe since I don’t have an applicator. I actually didn’t know they existed - sounds a lot nicer than the other option! :wink:

I am still spotting, which is wracking me nerves. My beta went up Sunday again to 132, which is an exact double for me. Beta again tomorrow!