Progesterone suppository questions


This is my first time posting here. I recently got my self a RE and completed my first round of diagnostic cycle monitoring. After they found that I ovulated the clinic suggested I take the progesterone suppositories to promote a “healthy environment” in the uterus. I received the white bullet type suppositories with the applicator. I was inserting them standing up but they kept falling out!!

After reading others experience I now do them lying down before going to bed and waking abut early on the morning.

I don’t notice and discharge but when I go pee I see a ton of oil!! I know the suppositories are almond oil based but I feel like everything comes out.

Just wanted to know if others are experiencing this and if this is meant by ‘leakage’?


I am not sure why it would fall out. Never heard of that happening. Since they were falling out, you might not have gotten them far enough up. That is my thought. However, they should not fall out. Having some leakage, or discharge is normal. Don’t be alarmed that “some” of it leaks out, it is bound to happen. The more you walk around after you them, the better. It will help absorb it. But be sure to put them far enough up. Hope that helps you out.


If you put them in laying down and it is in there all night then anything that comes out the next day isn’t a problem as your body has already absorbed the actual medicine it just doesn’t absorb the base the med is in if that makes sense. I have also read that you only need it in there for like 15 minutes for the body to absorb it, but I never chanced that. I always did them when going to bed and slept at least a couple hours before needing to get up to use the bathroom or anything like that. I felt confident that by then my body had absorbed what it needed and thus whatever came out wasn’t a problem.

I never had to use mine during the day (as some do them several times a day) so if you have to do this just do it laying down (if you can) and stay laying down for 15-30min if possible.


Thank you so much. I really appreciate the answers. I don’t know why they fell out those things partially melted and kept falling out.


Are you using the crinone gel? Mine are shaped like a tampon and you just insert it as you would a tampon. I find thrm easy to use and relatively no discharge or leakage so far. Sometimes, you ay get a bit of discharge but not a lot.