Progesterone suppository side effects


Has anyone experienced side effects from these?

I started Prog on Sat - one in the am and one in the pm…yesterday I felt so sick I had a hard time laying down - the headaches were awful!

Just curious if anyone else has experienced this.


I am on oral Prometrium. I am exhausted all the time, but that is the only thing I have experienced. Do you know why my doc would put me on oral or vaginal progesterone? Is one better than the other? This oral stuff cost me $50, are the suppositories cheaper?



I’ve heard that they are actually the same meds–just depends on how you take them. (that is only for Prometrium–not Crinonine or the other progesterone supplements). My RE said he has you take them vaginally since it has less to travel to get to where it needs to be. If you take it orally it goes through your entire bloodstream. If you take it vaginally, it is right there already.


Thanks for the info. This pills I have are small, round, and pink.


I have been taking Progesterone Suppository ever since I had my IUI on 11/18 so I know what you are talking about. I feel tired ALL the time and have to go to bed like 9pm or 10pm the latest. And also I’m feeling hot in the middle of the nights, waking up sweating all over (my PJ is all wet). I think it also boosts up my temperature. Besides the discharge is just a mess! I used panty liner the first few days but it was simply not enough that I had to change to the regular pads.

These are the major side effects I’m having from progesterone suppository. I did the HPT yesterday and today and 4 out 5 showed up :bfp: so per my RE I need to continue using the suppository until I’m 10 weeks pregnant.

I hope this helps. One thing to be aware since these are all pregnant symptoms, do not assume that you are pregnant until you do the test. I have been telling myself the symptoms are probably from the progesterone during the 2ww so I won’t be let down when I test it. Now I’m just hoping those :bfp: will turn out to be a confirmed pregnancy after I have my Beta tested!


I’m on Utrogestan day and night and man, is it messy!

I’m now 12dpiui and having cramps and backache.