Progesterone Test day 22 Question


I am curious what peoples level were and whether or not they are pregnant. I know I have to wait for the hCG but I am trying to cling to hope even though I totally feel :af: coming on. They said my level was 176 (granted i am taking shots of novarel so does that skew it?
Just curious on your thouhghts about this.

Congrats again to all those with BFP’s


Well I just had my P4 done on Tuesday and it was only 5.96 on Crinone Progesterone Vaginal Suppositories and and my RE says that it is perfect, it doesn’t mean if ur prego or not… He says anything over a 2 is good in IVF… So i am keeping my :cross:… My beta is Tuesday… When is urs??


I just test at home on Monday, I am so impatient because I am really having AF symptoms.


My progesterone was 14 on wheatgrass juice but was on clomid and ovidrel. I didnt use progesterone pills in 2 months. Never told my doc bcuz he doesnt believe in natural med. I personally think fertility drugs affect implantation in me since i was preggo b4 w/o fertility drugs but progesterone (prometrium) was necessary then but was tubal. Im gonna do a 1ww test since im natural tomorrow if its pos ill go in for progesterone ck. Yours sound way too high.


I was told 14 was high enough to carry a successful pregnancy and it still didnt work. I feel full and having back pain but i dont wanna drive myself crazy.