Does anyone have experience using progesterone to help maintain a pregnancy? My doctor told me he usually prescribes it to women who have multiple miscarriages. I started using it at 6 weeks which was too late to help my pregnancy. Does it help with getting pregnant too? I’ve read that you take it right after ovulating for best results. My suspicion is that a lot of women over 40 have hormone levels all over the place, but the average obstetrician is treating all women the same. I wish he or someone had told me before I got pregnant about progesterone’s possible involvement in miscarriages. Why didn’t he suggest I get tested for it? I’m afraid that may have been my only chance to get pregnant. We have looked into fertility interventions and adoption and can’t afford any of it…


I started my progesterone 4 days before my Ivf. I’ll continue it through the 1st trimester. It’s used to help support the pregnancy.


I know I HAVE to take progesterone to get pregnant, but I’m a pretty rare case (I don’t produce any hormones naturally). Without it, my luteal phase on injectables was only like 8 days…that’s a giant red flag. The progesterone won’t help with fertilization or egg quality, but it will sustain the lining and make it better for implantation, which was our issue.

My clinic apparently does NOT use progesterone unless they deem it absolutely necessary. I’ve read of other clinics with this same approach. It seems harmless, so I’m not sure why they don’t make it a standard part of the regimen. But, I had to wait for the failed 8-day cycle before they realized it was a huge issue for me.

I hope you find the cause of your issues soon, and sorry you are going through this.


There’s a study out that shows progesterone shots can help people who are at risk for pre-term labor.

I did IVF and it was standard protocol to do progesterone for the first trimester. After that I asked about the shots as I was concerned with having preemies (twin pregnancy) as I had read the study I mentioned above, but was told that’s only applicable to singleton pregnancies. I have a friend that had two late-term preemies and was showing a shortened cervix during her third pregnancy (at 16 weeks) and they did start the progesterone shots on her. She’s almost full term now :slight_smile:


It was a natural conception…