Hi everyone … I have an almost 4 year old daughter that we conceived on the first month and we have been ttc now for 20 months with little to no explanation … I’m 29 and hubby is 30 … Both healthy and everything looks normal except he has a slightly lower sperm morphology percentage but has a much higher count so doc says it makes up for it … This year I decided to try the naturopathic way … My doc put me on something called progesto-mend … It’s a natural progesterone supplement taken for the last two weeks of your cycle …normally I’m about 29-32 days so I took it from days 15-29 but I found this month my opk was positive on day 21 and my CM was the right consistency … So now today is day 36 and still no period … With my last pregnancy I took a few urine tests with the first week of being late all were negative and so I stopped testing and got a positive test my second month … My mom also had this issue with two of her pregnancies so not sure if my hcg levels are too low early in pregnancy to be detected … I did a pregnancy test strip from for the last two days and both were negative … I’m worried that I may be getting excited for nothing and this could be something to do with the progesto-mend as its the only new thing this month … :pray: