ProgynoVa and herbal supplements


Hello, don’t really know which section to post thid. Am on a combine therapy of progynovA (estrdiol) and primolut to build endo for my next ivf cycle. And I was wondering if I can add herbal supplements to give a beTter and healthy result.
Has any one had problem with thicking uterine lining, how did you solve it? And how long did it take


Hi Pray4,

I just started on this supplement so I can’t tell you how well it works yet, but the reviews on it are excellent!! It contains ingredients that help with healthy cervical fluid, which I know you probably don’t worry about with IVF, but it also the uterine lining. Here’s the link:

FertileCM | Supplement for Cervical Mucus, Sexual Function, Fertility

It’s called FertileCM. I began taking it about 2 weeks ago and it did help with my CM, so I’m hoping it’s helping with my uterine lining too. Good luck!