Prolactin levels


I have been thrown a curveball!

We talked to our RE last week about doing IVF early next year if 2 IUIs each with Femara and injectibles don’t work out. So she ordered for CD2 bloodwork and DH S/A to be done since the last one was done in March. I also wanted to be tested for PCOS.

I had the bloodwork done yesterday at around 8:30 am. Estradiol, FSH, TSH, Testosterone, DHEA came within normal levels. However, Prolactin came in at 31! Normal is within 3-30 ng/ml. In March, it was 13! What does this mean?

I posted this in the Causes for Infertility forum, but I didn’t get any responses. I hoped you ladies would have some information for me. I would be able to check with the RE only on Monday.

Edit - I am not sure about my FSH levels now; 7.7 in March and 7 yesterday. The results did not mention the normal range and I just assumed they were normal. The rest had the normal ranges listed and my numbers came back well within the limits. So, not sure if these numbers are high. My antral follicles were 18 total in March and 11 yesterday. Another disturbing result. The NP said that it was fine. But now I am wondering if this is the reason why we have been having trouble getting pregnant… no longer unexplained…


I don’t know too much about Prolactin, but here is what I do know.

  1. The levels can change within a 24 hour period depending on when the test is taken. The level rises while you sleep and peaks in the morning. Perhaps your earlier test was taken later in the day, hence the lower result.

  2. PCOS and Estrogen therapy can both cause increases in Prolactin levels. Have you taken Estradiol during your treatments? (Several other medical conditions and medications can also cause high prolactin levels. I only mention these two because they are fertility related.)

  3. High prolactin levels can cause inadequate progesterone production in the luteal phase, irregular ovulation, and absence of menstruation. (I don’t know why or how, but obviously this is how it effects fertility)

  4. High prolactin levels can be treated with a drug called bromocriptine. (Not sure if RE’s prescribe it to treat high levels or not)

That’s everything I know or could find in my Nursing books on high prolactin levels. The good news is you are not really far out of the normal range, so even if they do think it’s a problem it will probably be very easy to rectify. Hope this info helps! Good luck to you!


I know nothing about Prolactin, never even heard of it before. But I can tell you a little bit about FSH because my RE explained it to me in detail at my last visit.

He told me that my FSH was 7.5. And he said to me that number means it is going to be hard to get me pregnant.

He said FSH goes anywhere from 1-100. But “10” means menopause has already started. So the lower to “1” the better. A number in the 7 range means menopause is just around the corner, and to act sooner rather than later on trying to conceive.

Hope that makes sense to you.


UrsoGirl4, thanks for the detailed research and response. I am hoping that the high number is because it was taken at 8:30; the last time it was taken at 11:30. I haven’t taken any Estradiol. I was just on Clomid the past 4 cycles and the only other med I am taking is the prenatal, since TTC. BTW, congrats on your BFP! :clap:

wishin2bbabyblessed, thanks for letting me know. Even though the truth is bitter, it’s better to know than stay ignorant. I guess it just means that I should just do the 2 IUI cycles with Femara and skip directly to IVF in Jan since time is of the essence. I don’t know what God’s plan for us is with this, but I :pray: that we take the right course of action.

At least I am no longer “unexplained”! :grr:


I myself have been diagnosed with high prolactin levels. My RE explained it as a hormone involved in producing breast milk. I have never been pregnant, and therefore have not lactated. But, not too many woman conceive while they are breastfeeding, and that hormone is why. I have been taking a drug called Dostinex (cabergoline is the generic). It is inserted vaginally twice a week. I also have PCOS though. So still no :bfp:for me. But good luck to you!:bsv: