Query follicle size on Gonal-f?


I triggered when my one follicle size was 16.5 and when i asked about follicle size My RE advised that the Trigger should be taken at 16 mm and there is a risk of self-ovulating if trigger is delayed to let follicle grow beyond 16 mm.
Anyone can clear my doubt who had on Gonal-f with IUI?


I don’t think they mean they must trigger at 16…you just don’t want to trigger UNLESS they are at LEAST 16…many ladies on here have varying follicle sizes at time of trigger/iui…AFM, currently my follies are 15, 16, 18, 20 and 22 I believe, I won’t be triggering until Sunday, if that gives you any idea. I believe that follicles are not considered mature unless they reach at least 16mm, meaning they more than likely do not contain an egg at anything less than that. Follies can grow to close to 30mm and still be healthy, egg carrying follies, I believe (someone correct me if I’m wrong on the #s). And yes, you can ovulate before administering the trigger if your follies get too big - your doctor will have a better idea of that when they do your bloodwork in conjunction with your follie size. I’m taking Follistim which is the exact same thing as Gonal-F, BTW.


My RE has me trigger at anything 16 and up. She considers this mature.
In belonging to these forums now for a while, I have learned that a lot of REs do things differently, and “trigger size” is one of them. My RE has never let me have anything over 17 without making me trigger.
Sorry, I know that doesn’t answer your question at all, but I don’t really think there is a wrong answer. Also, my RE tends to like me to have IUI 24 hrs post trigger, most do 36.