Hello friends,

I was on Gonal-f injection 75 unit when my follicle size was 16.5 my RE told me take HCG trigger tonight and I took HCG trigger when my follicle size was 16.5mm than after 36 hours had my 1st IUI.Today is my 7 days of IUI and now i don’t feel any pregnancy symptoms I and going to my blood test after 1 week .

My progesterone level was 13.5 after 4 day of IUI.

My query is that 16.5 was good for trigger ? I’m wondering if I have any chance of being pregnant with the follicles 16.5mm ? also after 1 week of IUI i don’t have prago symptoms ??


Some REs trigger at 16, some at 17, some higher (mine does 17).

At 7 days post IUI, it would be surprising if you did have any pregnancy symptoms. Implantation doesn’t take place until between 6 and 12 days after fertilization (8-10 days is the most common) and then it takes a few days for hcg to build up in the system and [I]potentially[/I] give you pregnancy symptoms. Although you could also be someone who doesn’t get symptoms – I never had any.

Good luck!


Mine trigger’s at 18, but I have seen others trigger at 16 too so…it still seems to work for people.

As far as the symptoms I didn’t have any symptoms with my previous three pregnancies until 8wks. With this one I had some symptoms, but was on PIO injections and had just come off all the IVF meds so…I think not having any symptoms doesn’t really mean anything.

Sending you lot of babydust and :pray:'ers for a BFP!! :babydust: :cross: :babydust:


Thanks you so much gals…
Have a good day and lots of baby dust


It depends, every doc seems to be a bit different. My old doc liked to see follicles 18-22. I triggered with 4 follicles, 18,19, 20 and 22 and got pregnant with my son. I also had lots of smaller ones (17, 16, 15, etc) so who knows which one took. They still grow about 1-2mm overnight so by the time you ovulated it would have been a bit bigger.
Hope it works out for you!